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How do I login to the Cisco Personal Communications Assistant ( -  Cisco Personal Communications Assistant

Alias = Lastname and First Letter in First name (thompsonm) - Town of Sudbury

Alias = First Name_Last Name (mark_thompson) Sudbury Public Schools

Password (Must be 5 characters) = Windows Login Password (If windows login is only 4 characters add 1 to end)

Password (Must be 5 characters) = First Class Login Password (If FirstClass login is only 4 characters add 1 to end) 

Cisco Unity Assistant: The Cisco Unity Assistant lets you customize how you and your callers interact with Cisco Unity Connection by phone. You can also use it to personalize your Cisco Unity Connection settings -- including your recorded greetings and message delivery options -- or to set up message notification devices and create private lists.

Preferences >> Personal Preferences

Preferences >> Phone Menu Preferences

Preferences >> Message Playback Preferences

Passwords >> Cisco PCA Password

Passwords >> Phone Password

Greetings >> View Greetings

 Notification Devices >> View Notification Devices

Connection calls a phone or pager or sends a text message based on the notification schedules and contact options that you specify. You use the Cisco Unity Assistant web tool to set up the following notification devices: a home phone, work phone, several alternative phones, pagers (including text pagers), and an SMS device. 

Tip   You can set up text pager devices to e-mail message notifications not only to text pagers but to text-compatible mobile phones (telephone # and other e-mail accounts (such as a home e-mail address) as well.

Private Lists >> View Private Lists

Private Lists >> New Private List

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