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In an emergency, call 911.

The Sudbury Fire Department provides fire safety and emergency medical services to the Town of Sudbury. The department responds to an average of  2,000 emergency calls and performs numerous fire prevention inspections each year. The department staffs three fire stations on a full time basis. Fire Headquarters is located at 77 Hudson Road, Station #2 is at 550 Boston Post Road (Rte. 20) and Station #3 is located at 268 North Road (Rte. 117).

The department is responsible for enforcing the Fire Prevention Laws (M.G.L. Chapter 148), Fire Prevention Regulations of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (527 C.M.R.'s) and local bylaws that relate to Public Safety. We inspect smoke alarms in all new homes (M.G.L. Chapter 148, Sec. 26B) and in all homes being resold (M.G.L. Chapter 148, Sec. 26F). Since 2006 we also inspect carbon monoxide detectors on home resale.

The Sudbury Fire Department is also responsible for inspections of oil burners and oil tank installations, underground storage tanks that hold flammable liquids, LPG storage and commercial fire alarm and sprinkler installations. We issue permits for the storage of explosive materials such as black or smokeless powders, open burning (January 15 - May 1) and we monitor blasting operations. Additionally, we have a very active Fire Prevention Education Program led by Lieutenant Kevin Cutler.

The department consists of 35 personnel: the Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, 4 Captains, 4 Lieutenants , 24 Firefighters, and 1 Call Firefighter. Of these 35 personnel, 10 are State Certified Paramedics, and 25 are State Certified Emergency Medical Techinicians. The department also employs a civilian Office Supervisor. For information regarding our hiring process, please contact the Fire Chief.

Do you have a scanner? Our radio frequency is 482.750 megahertz.


Please Remain Vigilant About Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Since the storm began, the Sudbury Fire Department has responded to an unusual number of calls for elevated levels of carbon monoxide in homes. With drifting snow, ventilation outlets for heating systems can be blocked, and cause dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in living areas. Also, be careful to clear snow from around exhaust pipes if you are sitting inside an idling vehicle. The Boston Fire Department reported a fatality today when a resident took a break from snow shoveling inside a parked vehicle with a blocked tail pipe. If you have any questions about carbon monoxide poisoning, or think you may have a concern in your home, please do not hesitate to call the Sudbury Fire Department for assistance at 978-443-2239.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

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